Susan Hallam

University College London, United Kingdom



Susan Hallam studied the violin at the Royal Academy of Music subsequently working as a professional musician with the BBC before studying for a BA in Psychology externally with London University, and completing a MSc and PhD at the Institute of Education London University where she became an academic in 1991. She is now Emerita Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the Institute of Education UCL. She was awarded an MBE for her services to music education in 2015, a lifelong achievement music and drama education award in 2020, and honorary life membership of the British Psychological Society, the International Society for Music Education, and SEMPRE. Her research interests include psychological and educational issues, for instance disaffection, learning, homework, ability grouping, while in music she focused on the effects of music on a wide range of human activity across the lifespan and how the whole range of musical skills are acquired and maintained. She has written 17 books, edited two and published hundreds of research reports and articles in academic and professional journals.  She is currently working on an update to her book: The power of music: A research synthesis of the impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people. The update will cover the impact of music throughout the lifespan. It will be called: The power of music: an exploration of the evidence.

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